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Roguelike - Equipment System

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Holy molly I just went through probably the most tedious adventure I've ever been through in my entire programming experience. Cutting out sprites and editing xml files is definitely not my forte. Alas in the end I've got a plethora of weapons and armors included in the game to test out my new ideas for the equipable item system.

All equipables distil down to either weapons or armors, rings and amulets are a little different but are basically armors. Weapons have a damage value and damage type, where as armors have a defense value and defense type with is really a damage type under the hood. rings and amulets don't have defense values though. Further each item can have one or two mods as well which aren't entirely tied to the item type.

I haven't fully planned out the mod system, I'm working on them in conjunction with how I want to do the potion, scroll and food items as well. Also the curses/ailment system will dramatically affect the types and amounts of possible mods too.

The vast majority of items except rings and amulets will spawn without mods and there will be a system to add these mods to them. There will be some unique items that spawn with specific mods all the time though.


I have the display panel for the equip pretty much finalized :) You'll notice each slot is show and off to the side of them are the mods and specific stat of each item, along with its value. In the screen, the sword = damage, the shield = defense, the boot = speed. You'll notice each is grey, the differing damage types color code these icons as well.

No download this go around, I just wanted to show off what's going on. I'll be putting together The rest of the item types and changing up the curse/ailment system a bit and have a nother release next time. Till then happy code y'all.
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