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Continuing down the rabbit hole...

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So I've gotten to a point where the engine itself is capable of rendering meshes as well as 2D textures and things. I've added a blend state manager to manage the countless combinations of blend states in opengl. I've tested texture loading on Mac and Windows and it looks to work ok. I'd still love to have a cross platform C# image loading library that works on x64 on Mac (MonoMac's System.Drawing.Bitmap only works on x86!).

But other than that, I can't complain. A lot of the previous engine ports over nicely when *cough* borrowing some classes from MonoGame.

I ditched the content pipeline for a more streamlined approach, I've ditched the shaders for a pure OpenGL solution (note: research ProgramPipelines to build dynamic shaders based on user input for model features).

I'm going to have a hell of a time implementing animations and such but I'm waiting until I have further fleshed out the 2D drawing (with texture fonts) before coming back to the 3D stuff.

I'm trying to keep the API as clean and concise as I can. This was a struggle with Reactor3D 1.0 as while I knew what I was doing, I never had an "architecture" in mind when I started nor did I ever look at the public facing API as much. This time though, the public API was fleshed out before work began. I'm vigilant about checking the public API to make sure everything makes sense and shares similarities where necessary.

Pretty soon I'll be able to start posting some pictures once I get back to fleshing out the rendering pipeline. But for now, I'll cya in a few days.
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