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New Job: Inspired Gaming and getting back on track...

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[color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=Arial]Over the past couple of months there has been quite a lot going on in my life, namely moving to Manchester City Centre and then more recently getting a new job. Unfortunately with everything going on something had to give, and that ended up being my project development.

Now I am a little more settled I am hoping to start back up again and with extra experience I have gained since starting my new job. So far I have really enjoyed working at Inspired, I am finally able to use Visual Studio again for my day to day work which is a massive plus!

In terms of the work I am doing at Inspired I'm not sure I am allowed to divulge exactly what it is, but It is all exciting stuff and I'm really looking forward to the direction that the company is heading.[/font][/color]


Back to work: Awesomium continuation...

[color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=Arial]Okay so I need to re-motivate myself and what better way to do it that with a little refactoring. I have given myself a couple of hours tonight to crack on with getting the awesomium code into it's own library and creating an abstract way of creating User Interfaces.

Currently the Awesomium code is all dumped in the Level Editor project, which means I can't even use this stuff within the game at the moment. The Awesomium code makes use of the Texture and GUI Classes which I am thinking I would like to change. I will keep the old method of creating a GUI but I am now going to have an Interface IGUIManager which I will then derive a new manager for dealing just with the Awesomium GUI.

The main reasons for this is because the other GUI Manager has lots of features which are just not necessary for the Awesomium stuff and it will just bulk up the source code. I am hoping to get rid of the old GUI code all together once I clarify that the Awesomium code does everything I need.

So there is the plan, wish me good luck smile.png[/font][/color]
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