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Awesomium Library and a massive tidy up!

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[color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=Arial]So I managed to get most of the awesomium refactoring done last night. I now have an Awesomium library that depends on the JBEngine library. the JBEngine now makes use of a IGUIManger object and I have created a new AwesomiumGUIManager in the Awesomium Library.

So this is now much more abstract and I will be able to very easily create a different GUI for the Game project simply by linking the new awesomium project and adding a new HTML page. I will make a video of the two different GUI's in use as soon as I get them up and running.

There is still quite a lot more to do before the Awesomium code is flexible enough that I am happy with it. I need some standard way of communication between the GUI Layer and the Game Logic. As soon as I have that set in stone I can really start to make full use of the user interface.[/font][/color]


Project Includes and Libraries

[color=rgb(90,90,90)][font=Arial]After realising how large my project had slowly become I thought it was time to see where I could trim it down.

First of all I realised that a lot of my include files for each project were repeated, and so were my static library files. just checking a couple of these I realised that had to change as some of the libraries were 50-100mb which is just not reasonable to have dotted all over the place.

I have now created Include and Lib Folders at the solution level of my directory. This will also reduce the risk of having different versions of a library or include files for different projects in my solution. All in all it seems like a good move. I have also tried to get rid of any files/directories that projects wouldn't need to know about. There were a few that were left over from copying project files and directories when creating new projects.

All this changing round has taken me a while though, flicking through different projects altering Lib and Include Directories actually takes a large portion of time.

I'm pretty damn motivated at the moment which is great smile.png

hoping to get something a little more impressive to show fairly soon.

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