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Flame - Striking the match

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[background=transparent]This is my first entry and I am still very new here. I have recently left university and wanted to make my first really game. I have some basics already done but it is a long way from being even a basic game.[/background]



[background=transparent]The basic idea of the game is to feed the eternal flame anything that can be burnt. This makes it grow and the universe grows with it (physically and intellectually). The ultimate aim is to feed the flame so ,much that your civilization develops a means of unlimited fuel to keep it going forever. The big game mechanic to this is the big the flame is the fast it will burn itself up so it is all about strategy and not burning everything all at once.[/background]


[background=transparent]The game idea is really basic but it is just me on this and i want to start small. I will try to update as often as I can and hopefully you guys on here like my idea.[/background]

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I can imagine how you can add a ton of cool mechanics/systems to a game like that. You could consider also how fire needs oxygen and heat as well to keep going (and produces more heat and combustion byproducts) and see if those would integrate well (it might be that only considering the fuel aspect makes for a 'better' game though, so be careful not to overdo it)


I guess you could throw in some commentary both for and against excessive use of energy (fossil fuels and whatnot) - as in using too much might get you in trouble (fire dies out) but using too little will as well (fire never grows big enough to counter some threat)


Great idea for a game to be honest

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I haven't played a civ-building game where the Kardashev scale is used to measure progress. This could be a good opportunity to use it.

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