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Rover and menu

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The papercraft Moon rover is finished
Concerning my game, I do not have a lot of things to show but I have a working menu
A lot of things are done but they are behind the scene. It is not visible here but in the screenshot, you have:
- SDL2 window,
- OpenGL4 context and view
- "game" loop
- menu data from a configuration file
- working keyboard input with key/actions mapping from a configuration file
- shader loading
- text font texture generated at startup from ttf (freetype2) with correct kerning and all
- geometry generation from text string (letters rectangles + colors + UVs) + menu items backgrounds
- OpenGL rendering
And a lot more things not visible. I am currently working on the level classes. I think I am far from a new screenshot but who knows...
Until next time, have fun.
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