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Nothing is a beginning

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I find my self sat here after years of learning and months of struggling on and off to work towards a lifelong dream. I feel both mentally battered and somewhat awakened at the same time to a world of infinite possibilities. Coming from an artistic background of 2D and 3D design, this has been no mean feat for me to grasp how a computer deals with information so literally that it constantly has you second guessing yourself for every slice of code you slip in on a whim. Fighting back the urge to build 4 things at once and end up in knots because there's too much code.

I currently have no tangible product other than centipede's bastard son, and a basic tile engine to Frankenstein as I see fit. I have started from scratch after learning C++ along side DirectX 11 initially and somewhat despising Microsoft the more and more I learned it (a despondent feeling which transferred to Excel when I had to code with it at work for the backwards company with which I currently reside that still hasn't claimed my sanity). Scouring the internet for OpenGL 2-3-4 I stumbled across SDL2 and saw the games built with it and the portability of it's core drew me towards it so I have picked up the gauntlet and am running blindly in to the darkness with hope and determination stuffed under my arm.

Once I have a few basic titles that I can show off an an "I did that" (mostly to egg myself on more than the ego stroking alternative), I am going back on the shaders before then starting to focus on AI and path finding. It's probably at this point that the darkness will be replaced by an infinitely tall peak to clamber up, but hope fully at some point I can hang off the face and admire the view. Possibly take some time to reassess the direction I am headed and really get stuck in to some of the concepts which drive me to madness as they scream to leave my head and strive to become product.

That's just about enough rambling as I really just needed to reaffirm that I have taken some pretty big steps to get here, and that I can do this if I put my mind to it. Time to start making a difference and showing you guys what I'm made of.

This is Paul the last surviving member of the design team... signing off (for now).
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