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Dancing, Drone Designs, Item Crafting, Animation & More

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Dance Now NPC, for Tomorrow You Will Die

Well, a long day & night of animation is done. In the end, all NPCs have 100 different blend intensities of dancing (among more practical game animations.) Dance today dear NPC, for soon players will be blowing your brains out for no good reason :(


Drone Designs & Item Crafting on "Item Test Level"

This is the Item testing level, where I create new items, integrate them into the game, and test out to make sure they work and craft correctly. Yesterday, I created some drones that can repair your ship's hull if gets damaged, among many drone variations.



Recapping the #screenshotsaturday and the #soundtracksunday I did last weekend on the Daath Galaxy Facebook page, and the Black Lodge Games Twitter.

Here's the song "Beast" from Daath Galaxy: https://soundcloud.com/madchenkraft/daath-galaxy-ost-beast

Here's the outside of the scene of I've been working on all week:
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Love the animation. How did you create that?

Thanks for looking at my devlog and for the comment! It's actually not that hard with Unity 4.x and above, as I am utilizing the mecanim animation system that was introduced in Unity 4.0.  What you do is take multiple animation clips, trim, align and loop them so that things like feet, arms, and posture are as close as possible, and then you can blend together the various animation data, creating new animations from the blending of the old animations.   For instance, the dancing above is 5 separate dance animations blended together to create 100 variations of dance intensities.  Then, when I generate a crowd of dancers at runtime, it's easy to randomly assign them all unique dance intensities so that the scene is varied and doesn't feature different NPCs all doing the exact same dance at the same time.
Here's a great tutorial on the subject:

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