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Getting a little pushy

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My art studio class has been kicking my ass with deadlines, so I haven't had much time to do development stuff this week. I've been trying to figure out how to get blender to render normal maps so I can get an art-pipeline up and running.

So my roomate was like "so what if you could push in your game too?" So I used it as an excuse to sort of clean up the codebase and add some pretty tweening as a result of the GameDev thread about Juicing up Your Game, before I tackle moving platforms in warping space, which sounds god-awful.

As a result of adding a pushing mechanic, I found another glitch in the physics engine. Which is a shame, because I thought I would finally never have to ever open up that file ever again. It has something to do with outer edges of things, but I haven't quite figured it out yet.

So here's a little video of me playing around with the mechanics in a little demo world. Bugs start at 1:35, where you can see the weird edge glitch. Other than that, though, there's not much going on. Sorry I left the debug HUD up for like half the video, I've gotten kind of used to it so it didn't occur to me that it was up too long tongue.png

Thanks for reading!
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