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Planning Chapter 4, and Knock

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Starting to plan Chapter 4 today. Also, stopped back to fix a few bug that came up working through Chapter 3. For instance:[quote]
Matter Magic: 7 5 energy caster Fortitude
Knock grants a bonus of 57 points, for a duration of 10 seconds, to statistics: Locks. The bonus increases to 97 points at Spell Bonus 57.
Knock allows the caster to open locked doors, by granting a significant bonus to Locks for the time of one action.

The spell Knock. It gives a bonus 57 (?) points to Locks, up to 97 as the spellcaster's level increases. 57? What? So, I changed the bonus to a more comprehensible 50 points.

This spell is available to a level 3 spellcaster, and at that level he will be more capable of picking locks than a level 3 thief (class Adventurer, with the skill Locks). As levels increase, the thief will gradually become more powerful at picking locks than the spellcaster.

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