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Switcheroo to Vector graphics

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First off, let me just say something about SVG files. In many ways, it's a fantastic format, especially in the way that its designed to be easily parsed. Unfortunately, SVG files are really bad at anything other than static art. Which is what it was made for, I guess, but that'll make animating hard in the future. There *are* tools for animating vector art out there, you know, to rasterize them into spritesheets, but I'm going to have to figure out which one of them is actually good.

The reason I'm switching everything up is because I actually have no art skills to speak of. However, I took a few graphic design classes in high school, so I know Illustrator pretty well. Given a drawing or some sort of reference, I can be sort of competent, which isn't something I can say about pixel art or photoshop art. I'm also a college kid, so I'm too poor to actually hire an artist. I have some friends majoring in art, though, so I might guilt trip them into helping out smile.png

The biggest change since last time has been just the codebase. The rendering and physics used to be synced up, but now they're modular. I also added a lot of support for subdividing triangles, triangulation, etc. You know, pretty basic, run of the mill vector art stuff. The switch was worth it though.

Here's a gif of the current triangle subdivision. It's really bad and kind of really inefficient in the way it sometimes creates long triangle slivers, but I'm working on making a triangle relaxation method I can use. Nothing Delaunay-correct, just something to stop triangle slivers from happening.
(if it doesn't animate, click on it. That usually makes it work)

Other than that, yeah that's all. I'm working on getting a decent looking level up (or at least collision geometry) up for a demo next week. Or I might decide to do my homework instead. Depends on my mood, really.

See yah next time!
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Oh really? What sort of work do you do?


In terms of making game maps, SVG files give me pretty much everything I need, with the exception of controlled texturing and attaching custom properties or fields to certain paths (you know, like assigning scripts to in-game objects)

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