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Devlog #9: Holding Hands and Fast Iterations

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Engine Doesn't Allow Fast Enough Prototyping

Well, I have learned one thing over the past few iterations: Adding game mechanics takes a long time. A very long time. Just the framework for the grabbing feature has been in development for the past couple months.

So, I've identified a problem. Now what? Well I need to figure out how I'm going to solve it. I believe one of the major issues is the way the code is designed at the moment. It's desperately needing some large overhauls.

With that in mind, I'm going to try and spend extra time refactoring and redesigning. This will be in addition to the work I normally do on the livestream, and I'm not planning on livestreaming it.

One problem with deciding that a code base needs to be reworked is that you can easily get stuck only reworking it. This means you don't make any forwards progress on new features. Doing the redesign as extra work, rather than replacing existing work time, should help prevent this from happening.

Hand Holding Turns Violent

While on the livestream today, some players decided to form a circle and "hold hands" using the grabbing feature. This was all well and good, but then the circle was abruptly disrupted and the whole thing turned into a melee! Fists were swinging, characters were running all over the map... It was chaos! Also quite funny, haha.


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