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Playing with new content generation

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Hey all!

So I've been working on fixing an annoying little bug in the physics engine that sometimes makes you get stuck on corners. The fix is kinda hack-ish, but hey. Can't do anything about it. I also have got to implement some sort of friction in the game. It feels like you're playing on an ice level, but I really don't like the idea of implementing friction inside of the warping part of the physics engine. The physics engine is iterative, so friction will be really really hack-y.

I've also been working on stuff like controller support, game state stacks. You know, stuff that people don't really care about/boring stuff. I've also been working on the visuals a little, and getting a new content generation up and running.

So I've gone and changed how I do maps work in the game I'm working on. Instead of tiles to create the game world, I use SVG files, and separate out collidable geometry and what's drawn. So far I'm liking it, and it would give me a lot of creative license while requiring little artistic ability, which is something I need.

The only issue with it, so far, is that if I ever want to add any sort of dynamic lighting, you know, to breathe some life into the world, SVGs are definitely not the way to go. And who wouldn't want to see a 2D platformer with cone tracing and dynamic global illumination? biggrin.png

Other than that, it's coming along nicely. I still have no art skills to speak of, but at least I *can* art a little like this.

First piece of art was made this morning:

java 2015-02-21 15-45-50-70.jpg

And these are pics after distortion:

java 2015-02-21 15-46-30-20.jpg

java 2015-02-21 15-46-51-80.jpg

As you can see with the distorted pictures, there's still issues with the distortions messing up a little, but that can be solved with a higher triangle subdivision count tongue.png
Thanks for reading! biggrin.png

EDIT: Almost forgot, I was the most 1337 GD.net member ever a couple days ago! @et1337, I'm coming for you!
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