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Generic Planning Post #1

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CC Ricers


This post is just to spill my general thoughts out there on what I am doing in the gamedev world, since now I have several things that I'd like to do.

Project SeedWorld is still ongoing as a voxel engine but I am not yet sure on what direction the game should be heading. It is meant to be an RPG, but some similar games such as Forge Quest look a lot like my goal and are leaps and bounds ahead of mine in development. I could possibly just keep the voxel engine and use it to make another type of game.

My Twitter account has been booming in activity ever since I started posting gamedev stuff. This has been my most successful attempt at using social media to promote my own projects. Not to mention I have traded comments and follows with other programmers doing similar things. It's very motivating to say the least.

Let's not also forget my older dev blog, which is also the basis for this journal. Over a year ago this blog was mainly about the development of my own graphics engine. A couple of people have wanted to use it, and although its source is available on CodePlex, there are no samples or documentation. I am planning to distribute it on GitHub and touch up the code a bit to get more support.

Finally, my Bomberman game on the custom ECS framework is approaching playable status. I've stomped a couple of bugs related to power-ups and resetting of entities. Next features to add are supporting multiple players with different controls, settings menu, and AI players, in that order. I have been at a standstill lately just for trying to come up with some nice visual assets. I'm not a great 2D artist and am not really feeling a lot of the free sprites I've ran across. Maybe I should just wing it and use the original Bomberman sprites as placeholders and then worry about what the game should look like.

If that wasn't enough stuff to keep me busy, Unreal Engine 4 just became completely free and I am now wanting to give it a try. My last experience with Unreal Engine has been UE2 making some practice maps with UT2004. But I don't expect to make anything significant with it soon.

(Edit) This editor also randomly eats up carriage returns.
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