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The Harvest ( Post Contest )

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It has been some time since I have posted a journal update (due to moving to Hawaii) but I plan to change that this week. I would show off some video but we have been busying converting everything over to Unity 5.0. To name off a few new updates:

  • Stash system now works
  • Fully functional inventory system
  • Fully functional farm system
  • Fully functional time of day system (tracks year)
  • Character creation screen
  • Fully functional conversation editor
  • Quest System
  • Stamina system
  • Functional Combat System
  • Added camera upgrades
  • Added 25 new animations and modified current ones
  • Added HDR Lighting
  • Added Color Correction
  • Added Particle systems
  • Added Zoning (going from region to region)
  • Functional tomogachi system for animals

    Here are some screenshots of the game post contest:

    With Unity 4.6 (last week)


    With the new Unity 5.0 Engine Update (today)

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Looks cool, although I thought the last image he was wearing a balaclava over his mouth and he went all hells angles  

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Here is a video for the kicks and giggles


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Nah, this is something I am working on rather diligently. RV is the pet project and that is currently on hold.

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RV is the pet project and that is currently on hold.


Yeah, sometimes it is a good idea to take a break :-)

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It is indeed my new primary project. RV is still being developed but converted to Unity 5.0 engine.

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Has Unity 5 really come that far? The gameplay I saw with your engine was was great.

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The old engine is still pretty damn good but the guy who made voxelfarm release his sourceode for purchase, we are going to do that and move away from square voxels. He created a unity plugin and unity is easier for me to use for art purposes so.... the move :)

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Oh wow. Does that mean you VR has been delayed because of the switch?

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