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Fences + Farm

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Since the drop of Unity 5.0 we have decided to rework our entire setup. This process will be an annoying one but will provide us with some well overdue cleaning. We added in the farm system and revamped how it works. To gain a better understanding of what I mean by "Farm System" I shall explain:

When we started this project we needed a system to auto generate a farm. To do this Goss created a grid generation plugin for unity. This tool would allow coders/artists/and anybody who touched the project to easily define the size, style. and detailed parameters of the farm. It was not till recently that I tried to create a prefab that was meant to be larger than a 1x1 on the grid that we found issues. One of the annoying parts of creating content fast is not having the proper oversight to know when and how the system will be used. (To be honest that was my fault! smile.png )

What objects would be more than 1x1 on the grid you ask? Perhaps a large rock that needed an upgraded tool to smash, or a long row of vines, or perhaps some type of machine that would help with the watering of the farm. Whatever the object would eventually be we knew we had to redo the system. The following screenshot is a picture of the newly developed system.


It is safe to say that this rework has hit all aspects of the project. While goss has been busy working on the system to create the farm I have been working on models. For the contest we had originally used assets from the Unity Store. This was fine until we learned that the metrics associated with the models would not match with other assets being created. This created problems with physics as well as lighting. To resolve the issue I have decided to redo everything. This is not the best decision for time but I feel it will help the art concept to flow better. On top of the unified art theme it will all be coming from me which means the art will be personal! Who doesn't like a bit of personal touch on things? So, when redoing everything where does one start? THE FARM! I spent the better part of the afternoon making modular fence posts that can be used to fence in the farm, animals, or areas of interest. Below is a screenshot of those items:


We will be updating the project rather rapidly over the course of the week so stay tuned. As always, if you have questions or comments feel free to drop us a line.
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I can understand the feeling that changing graphics can require a large re-investment of time, but can be the best solution moving forward.

Excited to see what's next and to catchup on what I have missed.

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