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Progress and Crunch Time 3/6

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Our Progress on Locations
Some good progress has been made since the last update. We have added 2 new locations and changed 3 locations from just a black room to make for a total of 5 new locations that are able to be explored. We have hooked up the East Woods and the Upper Halls as the 2 new locations, and added backgrounds, music, some NPC's and decor to Crypt, Dungeon, and Paliadur's Lair.

Upper Halls.png

East Woods.png

We are beginning to add more NPCs and decor to areas and hope to have everything in good working order soon. But all of these places and NPC's are pretty useless in an RPG without...


Raymond and I have been hard at work discussing the design of the quest system and after much deliberation we believe we have come up with something that works.Our quest system will involve Notes for Morning to discover, Grails(quest items), and a system for presenting information to the player via on screen notifications, alerts and useful information. This weekend, with this system in place, Raymond is going to start integrating quests so Morning has something to do other than walk around talking to random people for no reason (it will all make sense in time Morning).

New Minimap and Map Decor

As your keen eyes may have picked up on in the earlier screenshots, we are no longer rocking the old minimap. It has been completely redesigned to take the data from the collision maps of the rooms from the editor and turn them into a unique picture. In the future we will be looking to add more things to it, but right now it has Morning's location (red dot) and the walk-able areas are tan/grey, and portals to other rooms are blue. While Raymond is hard at work on quests, I will be sprucing up the maps and adding structures and little decorations to make the places feel more alive and less like empty rooms. Here is an example of a little decor I added to the great hall.


Small Update on Skills

In the last update I mentioned some beginning work on skills for level ups. This has turned out to be a little more work than expected, and we are aiming for a release of v22 sometime in April(first half), so skills have been removed from the plans for v22. Right now we are scrambling to get all the important things in place, things that v21 had, and seeing as how skills were not included in that, they are not vital to the release of v22.


I'm sorry I haven't made a post in a while. I really want to try to keep these somewhat regular, and as such I won't promise weekly updates, but I do think that 2 weeks is a reasonable goal, and gives us time to get content in in case we have a dry spell one week. Thanks for your understanding and keep being awesome fans of EDI games :) Until next time guys.
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There seems to be some nice graphical improvements in your terrain (better textures, maybe), and unless my eyes deceive me, your indoor lighting has improved - or maybe it's just the white tiles behind the lighting that looks nice.

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Good eye SotL, we've done a bit of tweaking to the lighting model.

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