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What drives you in whatever you like?

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This isn't really an update, it's just me rambling about stuff.

Motivation is awesome, and horrifying, at least I think so. It allows you to completely focus on something for days without thinking twice, or it leaves you staring at the screen thinking "What am I doing with my life...". So how does one find this "motivation?", well I frankly have no general answer, but I do know what drives me.

I love graphics, I love messing with new techniques, but what drives me is nature. E.g. A picture I took this morning going to school:
For some this may mean nothing, but for me this means everything. Even though we may not be there yet, the day where we finally get interactive graphics at this level is the day where... I'm not sure, It's just going to be a good day :).

The following is too something awesome:

So, well, thats it. If anyone reached the bottom I'd like to ask you:

[indent=1]What drives you?

Thanks guys.
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My main form of motivation is seeing other peoples work.


I follow quite a few blogs on here and I also use IndieDB and other sites to get that spark. 


I think it's a combination of "I could do that! Right, time to get back to work" and "Wow, that would be really cool to try out".

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For me, it's the systems. The interaction of simple parts forming a complex whole. How does changing this variable affect the player's output DPS? What about that one?


I'm not really motivated by any search for physical realism. (I'm more inclined to favor the graphics in World of Warcraft than the latest Call of Shooty.) Nevertheless, I AM inspired (or at least re-invigorated) by the sight and experience of outdoor locations. Your top photo makes me want to go there. A quick hike out in the hills helps me to come back to coding with new energy.

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I like seeing the finished product of a days work. The use of it within a game or posted for use some place else. The comments people make and the sharing of it is the only thing that makes me happy about a project. So... i do it for the people!

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That's one commute. I took a break from my graphics engine and decided not to attempt PBR or other neat tricks with it, but I try to keep away from ADD and just see a project through.


For me that is knowing that the things I plan are things I can get done relatively quickly. So I make sure to break things down the best way I can. I also get inspired by other indie work, especially if it follows a minimalistic style that doesn't require a lot of artistic talent. Screenshot Daily is a good website for this.

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