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Screen Space Reflections ( SSR ) - We must all accept yoshi_lol as our lord and true saviour!



So I finally got a basic implementation of Screen Space Reflections ( SSR ), aside from the fact that its screen space and some artifacts it's actually ok. Now, you may wonder why the title is as following:

"We must all accept yoshi_lol as our lord and true saviour!"

I based my implementation on the article from Casual Effects:

However I was in trouble as there were a few conversion problems from GLSL -> HLSL, not the syntax conversion. So there yoshi_lol came, gave me his implementation and from there I saw how he converted it to D3D-HLSL. Thanks yoshi_lol! So now we must accept him as our true lord and saviour. rolleyes.gif


Screenshots! ( There are many artifacts, it's a very early implementation, so there are many areas that look really messed up! )
And that's about it!

Until next time! :)


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You continue to amaze. At this point I am going to find a way to hire you! tongue.png


Thanks, it means a lot :)

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Good work! It's always good to see people make progress. Looking nice, I hope you keep going!

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 - jealousy  making me want to download

 - im impressed so I want to upvote.


what to do, what to do

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I'm new to the site. How can I take a look at that yoshi's SSR conversion? I'm struggling with the same problems as you were.

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