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Screen Space Reflections ( SSR ) - CONTINUED ( Aka Improvements )



So I've been working on my screen space reflections (SSR) and have been trying to eliminate artifacts. The next step will be the somehow make it more physically, because currently I just base the strength of the reflection linearly on the roughness ( sorta ).

Sponza Scene ( Yes, again ) ( Oh, and I decreased the intensity, although its configurable by the user, as the previous intensity was WAY too high ):
PS: Notice the weird line artifact below the arches, I still have to figure out what that is, including a few other artifacts. smile.png. And I forgot to disable fog, so the colors are a bit dimmed down.
Another testing scene, the direction of the sun is very low on purpose to enhance the reflections. This is the scene WITHOUT SSR:
And, as always, that's it! tongue.png


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Looks really nice - good job!  How is the performance of your technique?

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Thanks guys, means a lot tongue.png


Looks really nice - good job!  How is the performance of your technique?


I can get a decent performance if I cap the sampling count to 120. But I can also get it lower to perhaps half the resolution ( I did this to the volumetric lighting pass, and dear god the performance went sky high ) and increase the step ( distance to next sampling pixel ), then a simple blur with suffice. Without the blur and 120 sample counts, the technique takes about 4ms ( Yeah, expensive biggrin.png ).

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