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Finished menu's and leaderboard

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Hi all.
Just a short update on the progress;
- finished the menu's including scaling, meaning that in all chosen resolutions, the menu's scale up nicely now
- the user can now switch screen resolution and windowed/ fullscreen mode in game, it even saves the changes for next time tongue.png
(only on the running machine possible resolutions are shown and selectable by the user)

- leaderboard 'Top 10' added, user input also done, I chose for 3 positions/ initials

(nice to have feature if I meet my deadlines: online Top 10 highscore/ leaderboard, simple approach, using FTP and an online ASCII file)

Next steps to meet the beta release deadline:
- finish ghost indicator for first person view
- add the planned 2nd and 3rd level (design done, implementation todo)

Any comments or feedback? (alway appreciated)




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(Previous Comment) So, did that luck I gave you pay off? :P


Just kidding, awesome work

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