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A quick update. march 19th 2015

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Norman Barrows


While I wait for a build, I thought I'd do a quick update. Its been too long since I posted a progress report.

I've been play testing the game a lot recently. About one game year so far with the same play test character (Grog).

I've gotten perhaps half of the screenshots from that posted.

Play testing revealed no major problems. A few things to tweak and adjust. One I make those changes I'll post a new beta.

One big change is that attack to subdue is out, and "dances with wolves" is in.

Domestication of animals has been totally re-designed to be more realistic.

No longer do you attack to subdue, capture with rope, then tame with meat, for any animal you can catch.

Now, you drop meat, and dire wolves will eat it. Dire wolves have been reduced in hit points to just less than humans, so they won't target humans as prey. And they will flee if apprached too closely. relations with the wolf increase by the quality of the meat dropped. when relations go over 1000, the wolf "adopts" the closest band member at the time, and will begin to follow them around - at a respectable distance. dropping more meat will continue to increase relations with the wolf. when relations go over 2000, the wolf will allow the band member to approach. then the player can select the wolf and get the "dire wolf" menu. just one action: give meat. when the player gives the wolf enough meat to increase relations over 3000, the wolf becomes tamed, and fights at your side just like any other follower.

I'll post a proper update with details, and the rest of the screen shots soon. I'm torn between needing to keep the world abreast of progress on the game, and needing to finish the darn thing!

Back to dancing with wolves!
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