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The Harvest: Farm System v1

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It has been a busy month for us due to the conversion to Unity 5.0. Finally, we have some progress worth showing. Goss has been hard at work adding in the old systems and ensuring they are clean/tidy for the new Unity 5.0 setup. All of this has been rather time consuming as we have had to rethink how we might do some elements of the farming system, but all in all it has been rewarding. We were able to add in the addition of blocks larger than a 1x1 square; which will help with the addition of future elements for addons to the farming system.

We have reworked some of the code associated with the shader system and updated our textures to match. With the new lighting we have to be very particular with our color choice as it would destroy the entire theme of the game if they were to clash. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

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I really like this game, as a Harvest moon/Rune factory fan I can't wait to play this.

The game also looks very professional and refined, color coding is a very nice touch.


I do have a small personal concern, the character throws very far, it reminds me of Harvest moon Grand bazaar. Your bag filled really fast so you needed to move a harvesting basket with you, hitting the basket with crops was hard because you would often over throw it.


If you shortened the distance or added a aimer it would be a much easier to use mechanic.


Time was also felt short in Harvest moon, how long is your day and night cycles?

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1) right now the plan is for you to carry the backpack so no throwing at all. Throwing is only for T1 gameplay without a backpack. (say the first 5 nights of gamplay or so) Once you get the backpack you will pick up the crop and it will go into the backpack till you are full. With higher tiers you will have access to a donkey who will take the items to your storage for you and come back; thus letting you never leave the fields. The goal with this system is progression based gameplay.


2) RIght now the speed is fairly fast. A day night rotation can be done in less than 5 minutes. (testing purposes only) When we get more elements of the game in place we will setup some time dilation so that we can aim for the most ideal ratio. From my preliminary calculations we are looking at roughly 30 - 40m of gameplay time for one day. You can speed this up by resting in your bed but if you were to stay up for the full duration of day - night it would be roughly 30 min.


We want to balance out the crop growth + tasking. This will take loads of testing and gameplay events before we set a solid foundation on what is the most "ideal" time ratio. I plan on opening up testing for everybody when we get the scenes in place.

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I am glad to see you back, we need to discuss some stuff when you get some free time. Send me a PM, otherwise thanks for the comments! :)

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