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I uploaded the 3 videos I currently have of the game development.
The first one is the old terrain + paths test:
- infinite terrain
- terrain "patch" system to create craters
- random tree placement (with the same system used to place craters)
- paths for the red triangles

The second one is the menu with a single rotating object behind:
- SDL2 window and keyboard events
- OpenGL rendering
- Truetype font rendered in a texture atlas at start-up
- 3D object made in Blender rendered with a simple shader
- object loading, placement and rotation is hard coded in this video

The third one is the current state. The same menu as above but with a demonstration of various path options for the dynamic objects. It will be used to define the movements of the enemies and various objects during the game:
- object geometry, description, placement and movement loaded from files
- closed/open paths
- optional movement pause at any path control point
- linear or bspline interpolation
- object orientation along path or not
- rotation independent from movement along path
- paths can be shared by many objects
- path starting point can be different for each object

I think it is all I have for now.
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