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3/24 Crunch Crunch Crunch

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Hello guys, Brian here again. It has been a bit but man have we been busy. We are fast approaching our (hopeful) launch date of 4/15. This means it is crunch time. The to do list is thankfully getting shorter and things are coming together nicely. What we have is looking more and more like a game and less like a fancy tech demo smile.png


So first up we have redone the UI of the Load/Save/Login. It looks cleaner now and is well on the way to 100% functionality as well. There is a nice screen with a render of what Morning currently looks like as well as your play time when you go to save/load. We are really happy with how this turned out and feedback is welcome too.



Roof/Overlay System

We have fixed roofs now. They were working previously, but somewhere along the way we broke them. They are now fixed again, so when you enter a building with a roof it will fade away properly. Also the collision is working on them so you can't walk on top of roofs anymore (no, this is not Assassin's Creed).


Programatically Generated Art

Since the early stages of the game take place in the same castle as the one from Morning's Wrath Raymond figured we could devise a way to import the art into Revel from MW and place it with code, saving a lot of time versus doing it manually. He devised a way to do that and it did save us a lot of time. Now the castle is fairly decorated in the Great Hall and Upper Halls. To go along with these changes he also touched up the motion layers around the castle and in the Market, making the areas you can and cannot walk more clearly defined.



Quest System/Quest UI

Finally, the quest system and UI got it's major, long awaited overhaul. We added objectives along the way to direct you as to the next step in the quest. As you complete each objective in the quest you will either learn the next thing that needs to be done, or the quest will be finished. We have the first few quests into the game, and we did a little name refactoring, to make it easy to reference the quests at all points in the game. Here is an example of one of the first quests.


Closing Thoughts and Future

Things are progressing quite well. The list of things to do on the technical side is shrinking rapidly and it is becoming clear that most of what is left is on the content side. We still have to add in the rest of the quests and get that all working properly. There is also still some more decoration to handle and little tweaks to get everything looking spiffy. We have about 3 weeks until our deadline, and it is looking more and more realistic by the day. Keep your eyes peeled for maybe one last update before then, but there will definitely be a big announcement on/ right before the 15th. That's all for now guys and as always thanks for the support!
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