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Patiently restoring functionality one error at a time

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Spent the last couple days adding back GC functionality piece by piece, trying to fix the spots where changes in the Urho3D interface (as well as changes in the Accidental Noise Library) have broken things. I've gotten it back to "playable"; ie, GC is back under direct control, and walking around on the new tri-planar mapped terrain structure.


At this point, I'm only fixing/refactoring things as necessary to get it back to working. I am deliberately not doing any other refactoring, however strong the urge may be. For the most part, things are kind of clean, but the nexus of insanity lies right now in the code that implements a command queue for entities that can participate in combat. As features were added, this thing became kind of large and complex, so it'll probably be the main focus of my cleanup efforts once I've gotten it back to fully functional.

The big thing on my plate right now is refactoring the particle systems, which is the chief point of breakage in the game. Urho3D changed how particle systems are created, and my object instancing code needs to be updated to match. Once that update is done, I should be right back to where I was before I began to slack off. With any luck, I can keep momentum up to make some further progress.
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Hopefully, the updates give you additional benefits to offset the time spent refactoring.

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