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I'm playing through the entire series now and loving it. I'm up to 4 at the moment. Definitely an awesome series.

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I love the Avernum series. I am playing Geneforge. if you have not tried it you are missing out.

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I think it is great that you are sharing some of your play experience and I often (maybe too often) enjoy researching other games out in the world to see how they over came different uses or creative solutions for problems I did not think of.

However, I would have enjoyed a bit more of a comparison between your game and this one or maybe a write up of things you learned. Not everyone is familiar with this series can I am sure there are a few "Lightbulb" moments you came across as you played. 


Additionally, is where I got the game.

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Navyman, I want to do that, too. However, I'm trying really hard _not_ to be introspective or analytic about Temple of the Abyssal Winds right now... I need to finish the darned thing! Expect lots of thoughts in a couple of months when I do get the last chapter out the door.

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