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quick update, 3d hud done, 1 level to go

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Just a short update, finished the implementation of 3d mesh instance rendering in my hud. Through some hoops and bumps directly implemented in a flexible way in my engine. Future use for any purpose is easy now.

For 'BooH' it means the ghost indicator for First Person view is done now, a quick shot below.
In short:
- when you play BooH in first person view, you have no clue where the 4 ghosts are in the level
- the ghost indicator starts rotating when one of the ghosts is within 5 meters of the player, the closer the ghost gets, the quicker the ghost indicator rotates. The only improvement I might add is a less linear speed increase when the ghost get's closer.

For beta, all that's left:
- add last/ 3rd level
- one nasty memory leak to solve
- one crash bug in gameplay

Keep you posted.

Note; for how's not known with 'BooH', it's my 2nd game (1st using my own engine). It's 'loosely' based on pacman, but with the ability of switching between top and first persion view mode at any time. And ofcourse with somewhat modern rendering and techniques (although DX9 for now).

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The first thing that got really obviously after changing from frist person view to a bird eye view in my game was, that the art looks suddenly a lot better :) In your game I got a similar effect, your game looks a lot more polished and professional from the above view (last journal entry), for the first person view it lacks more detailed/consistent art work.


Nevertheless I think that your goal is to finish a game and I like really the progress you make :)


Thought there are two things you could learn or think about. First, game art is really a tough nut. Either you need to create it yourself, you need to seek someone to create art for you to no avail, or you need to take a lot of money to buy/contract art. But often the right design of your game (eg. first person vs bird eye) helps a lot to reduce the burden by a major factor. The second thing is, that a well-intentioned gimmik (first person view) could hurt your game more than it helps. For one it is often a form of feature creep and adds often nasty design issues (I can't see the ghosts any more, what now ?), which, when not really polished, can devaluation your game. Addtionally it increased the art demand, now you have to make your art look good in first person and bird eye view.


I write this to encourage people to start out with small games and play around with different approaches, designs, ideas, techniques like you do. Therefor good work and  keep it up :D

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Hi. Thanks, the time you took and the feedback are really appreciated. I understand what you mean on the art side. Since the fist person view is one of the main features I have to do some polishing. The disadvantage is that it's a single person project, so I'll make sure it will be a best effort polish :) (I'm also no modeller). The goal is indeed to finish the game within scope and deadline'ish/ planning. Which it looks like that I'm gonna make it.

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I really like the look of this i really want to play first person pacman!

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