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That's a nice website you got there...

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Just found out about this website, so I'm just paying around with it's features for now. I assume this post is gonna go public once I hit Save Draft? Well, we'll see I guess.

Anyway, I'm Inko and I make games. I start them at least, then get bored with them and start something new. Currently I'm working on a little multiplayer prototype with tactics, guns, asymetry and other buzz words! Whooo!

As of right now most of the framework is fairly functional but I still need to clean up a whole bunch of smaller problem areas before I can finally go into testing.

RIght now, spawning, movement and UI works pretty well for both factions. The test map is finally finished. The server background code works and doesn't cause problems while offline testing which is nice.

Next up is cleaning up the item system, fix some syncing issues from client to client, and do some start menu UI so that you can actually start and join a game without having to type it in the console.

More news and updates hopefully next week, see you then!
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Nice to see some new blood. I think you will come to enjoy posting and asking questions here.

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Our site is alright, but it's our fantastic community that really shines!  Welcome! :)

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Welcome. Screenshots are a great bonus to a journal entry, makes a big difference to your readers, no matter how basic or unfinished.

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I agree with Aardvajk, screenshot even tables help get more views and allow more people to share your vision.

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