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Project 20

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We are still working on the art part. I've called the current goal Project 20, that is, integrate 20 different creature models into the game. In total we have currently 27 character models of different creatures (with up to 6 sub-categories), 20 of them needed to be textured,rigged,animated and integrated into the game. Well, art is always something to show something off, so here are some of the current models we are working on.

Doing art is somewhat cool and satisfying. When you are done, you are done. Either people find it good or not. Code is always difficult. You can't see it, only its effect, often you only see a small effect although you put a lot of effort into it and eventually you are never done with code, it will strick back with some nasty bugs in the future.

Nevertheless, here's a demon I have modelled and textured.

Here's a gorgon, the model is teamwork, the texture is painted by me.
And finally a model and texture made by Gerog, my development partner I'm working with.

And here is an image displaying the different stages of painting the demon. Roughly 3 hours.
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Dusa could use some work but the rest are very well done. Might want to try to make the winks yellow a bit more blended as of right now it seems out of place. It is, however, amazing how far your art skills have come! :) Keep it up

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Thx :-)

In-game all textures are re-colored with a gradient, therefor the color is not that important. All models will be quite small in game and refining them too much is just too expensive for the additional benefit. I have done both textures yesterday, today I want to do the gnoll and rework the ratman :-)

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Is there a list of your creatures? A promise of gnoll and ratman are exciting.

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There are the usually suspected fantasy creatures like dwarves,goblins,ogres,lizardmen,ratmen,gnolls,undead,minotours,golem,gorgon,imp,some animals etcs.

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I can haz tiger plz?

Wolf and hound are in, a big cat is missing, so some kind of big cat will follow, maybe a tiger. How about a tigerman ? (the gnoll, a mix of hyena and man, looks already cool ;-) )



Which tool do you use to paint your textures?

All done in blender with texture paint, a simple hard,round brush and a scratched, small bamboo. The goblin was even painted with the mouse only, I wasn't able to persuade my friend to use a tablet ;-)


PS: You can use and paint on different layers in blender, which is really cool. Eg I leave the AO layer alone and paint only on a main-layer and test out some ideas on a overlay layer.

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