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Alpha Notice

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It's very important that people don't mistake your work-in-progress, for a finished work (that is badly made or unfinished) as they almost assuredly will if not adequately informed.

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I would have enjoyed still images if the only gameplay screen is only viewable for 2 seconds.

I would see it looks okay, but people are fair less harass than you are giving them credit for especially on this site.

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I think you may be illustrating my point ;)

...or you're being sarcastic.

I was showing off the method I use (in game) to inform people that what they are about to see is in no way finished.

the clip of game-screen at the end, was merely where I cut it.

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Happy to help!


It has been awhile since I have played, but once this update comes out I will be doing a bit of review.

I have been in the forums trying to get more people to show off their games in the journal section. Mostly in hopes of drawing ever more eyes to existing projects. :)

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You might have to keep reminding people throughout the game that it's Alpha... and remind them that Alpha is *worse* than Beta.  Maybe plastering "report bug" buttons all over the place would do the trick.


There's a good reason for this - Revel looks so polished, and you can spend so much time exploring it, that it's easy to forget it's a work in progress.

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Awesome, that would be great, thanks!


You might be right; I never thought of it like that, can you be a victim of your own half-done decent-looking creations...

I have plans, perhaps for v23 (coming out soon) to have a developer feedback button; but it might be wise to give a constant visual reminder of 'Alpha'

and thanks for the kind works, it is good to hear once in a while that your game looks polished ;D

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