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Gobelin Vendors

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We are working on the gobelin vendors for Pantless Hero.
They will be vendors that you can find in the caves. They are non-hostile but that doesn't mean they are on your side, it's just business. To benefit of their services you will have to help them directly or indirectly in some way.
Now the challenge is to give them enough complex behavior to make them interesting.
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Saw your announcement yesterday, I really love the idea of a pantless hero and the visual realization. Your gobelin, like your other art, looks really cool !


What is the story behind calling this vendor gobelin instead of goblin  (Or is it just a typo?)  I'm interested, because my game is called Gnoblins and many people just saw it as weak approach to rename the standard goblin. Eventually there is a reason we call them gnoblins and by the way, real goblins are although included in the game.

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Happy to see you post here in the journal section of the site. I like that the vendor's bag changes from loot to gold (or at least that is what I am imagining).

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What is the story behind calling this vendor gobelin instead of goblin  (Or is it just a typo?)


Ahah it's the french spelling sorry, I translate my posts in 3 languages so sometimes I get lost. I will modify that, thank you for noticing.

Gnoblins make me think of a gnome that would have turn green : )

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Our gnoblins are blue and a mix between GNOme and goBLIN, so gnome was the right direction ;-).


Why three languages (En,Fr,De/Es ?) ? I stopped translating my posts and the game to german (my native language) after seeing, that less than 1% of all downloads comes from the german version of the website. I try to throw off balast until the core game has been finished :D

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I translate it in En, Fr and Tagalog for the Philippines where I live.

French are not very good with english, most would complain if a game is not translated in french. So we translate every documentation.

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I like the term gobelin... I suspect it's an archaic word for modern goblin, something that can be found in ancient fairy tales.

Anyway, consider to use gobelin instead of goblin, it gives a touch of personality

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