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Revel Immortal, Alpha version 22 is now live!

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I am happy to announce that Revel Immortal, version 22 Alpha is now live!
Some of you may remember about this time last year, when we set out to take some time and make Revel look better and play better.
...well sadly it took a lot longer than we hoped; but for all that, version 22 is a great improvement.[/font][/color][color=rgb(20,24,35)][font=helvetica]

Keep in mind, Revel Immortal is still in Open Alpha, this means the game, and its design are still subject to change, are are not nearly finished.
So, give v22 a try, and we'd love to hear your feedback; it will help shape future updates to come!
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Okay this is okay to sound bad, but I got stuck in the map sad.png


*I needed to double click on the location. Additionally, I was wondering if there is a way to re-bind the keys?

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Hahaha, no it doesn't sound bad; this is a bug that was discovered last evening actually.

If when in the travel map, you click the top-most icon (aullianis); it can cause a crash.

The bug has been fixed in v23 and should be live this weekend.

...or if I am completely off-base, do please let me know :D

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Okay, good. Thought I was missing something very easy.

After playing for more than a handful of minutes. I have to say that the lighting and shadow are great.


Couple of ideas:

Is there a way to show the keys that the functions are bound to?


I know that the movement is wasd and qe rotate the character.

F is the hand usage.

However, I can't seem to find what allows me to talk to people. I did enjoy that in an earlier version.

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not currently; but we're going to add a toggle-able help overlay for the main UI which will also list shortcut keys for various areas.

F also talks to people, but like everything else you must be squarely adjacent to them.

There is currently... not so much a bug; but a tendancy for single key-presses of WASD to result in two-tile traverses, we're going to tweak that so, single tile traverses (for lining up/fine movement) are more the norm; and double/continued motion need to be more deliberate.


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Okay. I was able to talk to someone. Just took a lot of movement. do you have to be right in front or is the area around them able to be triggered?

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You must be directly adjacent to an NPC to talk with them, this is to avoid being unable to speak with a npc, or interact with a nearby structure should the distances between them become ambiguous.

As said above, it is a bit tricky to do right now, but some tweaked control authority should help.

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Changelog thus far for v23:


Revel Immortal - 23 (Not Yet Released) View Issues ]
- 0000095: [General] speaking with Elgar results in crash. (raymondj) - resolved.
- 0000094: [General] create room announcment animation (raymondj) - resolved.
- 0000093: [General] choosing aullianis from travel map causes crash (raymondj) - resolved.
- 0000092: [General] modify talkUI for a better look and the start of portraiture (raymondj) - resolved.
- 0000091: [General] unify/cleanup code for common title bars, close buttons and under-tab buttons (raymondj) - resolved.
- 0000090: [General] collide player against npcs (raymondj) - resolved.

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