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BooH beta: deadline achieved & done

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Good news guys, I've managed to meet by 'Beta release' deadline.
BooH version 0.9 is now available for trying out:

Some facts & figures:
- 5 levels (2 more will be added in the Final release)
- in the Original GDD I've planned to spend 3 months to achieve beta.
The reality is that I've spend 4 months, but I'm really satisfied with the results.

I really like to hear your feedback and bugs if you find any.

For the final release I only plan to:
- fix crash bugs
- add precompiled shaders to speed up startup time
- add 2 more levels

It's been a great journey to achieve this goal.
Many thanks to everyone supporting and helping, like in the comments of my journal updates, helping me out on the GD chat etc.

Looking forward to your thoughts on the game.
Ofcourse I'll be posting updates when I get feedback, final release should be ready in about 3 weeks (depending on the input I receive).


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Gave it a go, but seems to be a problem with the controls. I didn't seem to be able to turn corners reliably, kept seeming to get stuck. Are you aware of the issue, or is it something I'm missing?

Graphics look great by the way.

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Thanks. I did have some collision issues in top view, but thought they were solved (finished full game in easy yesterday and half of the levels in normal). A "trick" you can do is press space when stuck to go to first person and 2 seconds later again, to switch back to top view. Regarding timing with arrow keys, you can press them right before you want to head in a wanted direction and just keep the key pressed.

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