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Fixed fake bugs!

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So, I spent the first hour of my time today debugging my combat system. I made a really nice overview of where I had last been hit where the monster was aiming for etc. However, it turned out to work perfectly so I wasted my time.

Next, I redid my speed potion. Modified my getspeed() function to take into account status messages, used by old but unused EventSceduler class to take out the status message at the right time, and redid my status messages system to use constants referring to ints instead of strings. However, this was waisted effort since the getspeed() function was never called, the world updater used player.speed directly, which recorded the base speed. I was wondering already why hunger induced slowness wasn't as significant as I expected. Fixed my world updater.

Next I thought that my speed potion wasn't working as expected. Spent half an hour debugging my speed system, then found it was some type of optical illusion, since all my "You miss the lizard" 's where either followed by or preceded by "The lizard misses you", but when the order changes, you don't notice that there are two about the same person in a row, since "You hit the lizard's left leg" and "You miss the lizard" have such a different length. It's a bit complicated to explain, but it was very convincing, and I am sure you would fall far it to, (or maybe not) and probably my players will also.

Next up either ranged combat, item identification, or maybe a few more monsters to test those out on.

Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think!
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