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New beta build, nice improvements

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Last 10 days were a nice experience, getting feedback on my first ever beta release of a (semi serious) game.

Semi serious in this case, meaning that it went through the full development cycle (although its release is not aimed to earn money), uses my own engine and mostly assets created by myself and a friend (audio).

So first of all, thanks to everyone for the valuable input (i.e. Eppo, NightCreature and others).

What's changed since the 1st beta build?
Default lower graphics settings
- It seemed that X8 MSAA is not a good default setting for avera users, so changed to X2 MSAA
- also added a video options setting to manually change the setting and tweak/ play around

Graphical improvement
- PowerUp's are now Gold instead of white, difference in size alone didn't draw enough attention to these powerful thingies rolleyes.gif

- Bug fix: in some occasions the player would get stuck in the maze (top view only), because of a bug in the collision detection routines. Changed this to the 'right way', which also 'feels' better when playing. For those interested:

- Precompiled shaders instead of realtime compilation, this really saves startup time (since there are about 140 permutations for the ubershader)
- better game balance for Normal and Hard difficulties

Ofcourse I'd love to hear your feedback on the 2nd beta build, which can be downloaded here:

(nice with an installer and everything ph34r.png )

Have fun and keep the feedback coming


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I just tested your game, and I've two questions.

- I'm new on this site, so I don't follow the journals for a long time. So, excuse me if you already said it sooner, but is it normal for the view to switch automatically, from time to time ?

- And I don't know if it's my pc, but the game crashed, once the set up was completed. Then, it was fine to play it afterwards smile.png

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- Collision detection seems far improved; nice :)

- I still don't get what the rotating ghost is for when in fps mode

- After losing your last life, you're instantly thrown back to the intro screen -> needs a game over screen

- That front-back switch is still horrid :'( you mentioned it's because of visibility issues with dots in the background, but even with this method I can only ever better see them when I physically move to the upper part of the screen (which then flips around). Maybe lower the height of the walls in the distance? Or do a ghosting overlay for hidden dots?

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Thanks both, also for taking time.

@Jygle: it shouldn't crash for sure :)
Switching viewmode is only triggered when either dying or pressing space. Could it be that your spacebar was yamming?
Btw, switching viewmode always has a time inbetween of 2 seconds or more

@Eppo: thanks, I'll think about the maze half switching and maybe making the ghost indicator more "explicit". Adding a gameover screen is a good idea, will get into that for the next build.

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Aaaah, no, I think you misunderstood me. And with some trials I jsut saw that it was totally normal. When the avatar is over the table's first half, the view is inverted. I didn't noticed that at first glance^^.

Regarding the crash, it's ok, I think it was just my os, it works perfectly now.

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Thanks good to hear, I'll be working on the new beta build upcoming days.

Will keep you posted and would ofcourse like to hear feedback after.

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