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Sol-Ark's devlog checkpoint #49 (28/04/2015)

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Alex Martial


Hello, everyone!

Greeting from Sol-Ark's team!

We are starting to post our own developer journal.

Stay with us to see together how Sol-Ark is evolving right before our eyes.

Our first post here - is checkpoint #49 from Sol-Ark's official blog with devlogs




List of all performed work during last week:

  • These bugs are fixed:

    • With central coordinate discrepancy for the location's sprite when it is visualized by the GPU;
    • With texture deformation while visualizing a location;
    • With incorrect visualization coordinates for the dynamic menu on the local space map level;
    • With incorrect coordinate calculation for apexes of linear figures, which are drawn by the GPU;
    • With object type "exhaust" not disappearing from an engine after being used in specific situations;
    • With error when altering the location's map (destruction of tiles, etc), caused sprites to disappear;
    • With incorrect "transparency" parameter for sprites without texture, which are visualized with GPU usage;
    • With coordinates of the explosion effect on the local space map level;
    • With incorrect choice of shunting engines during rotation;
    • Other bugs;

    • Visualization algorithm with GPU usage was added for locations on the local space map level;
    • Visualization algorithm with GPU usage was added for explosions on the local space map level;
    • Visualization algorithms with GPU usage were added for shells and lasers which are inside a location on the local space map level;
    • New additional functions were added for the visualization of figures without textures by the GPU;
    • From now on visualization of shells and lasers on the local space map level is performed by the GPU;
    • Corrections were added for the NPCs pathfinding algorithm;
    • Operating logic was modified for technic type "shunting engine". From now on such technics operate in two ways: "clockwise rotation" and "counter-clockwise rotation";
    • Function for saving a location's template was corrected with new parameters for being visualized by the GPU;
    • Each visualization per tile was optimized for locations on the local space map level;
    • The function was optimized for adding graphical objects without textures which are drawn by the GPU;
    • Operating algorithm was optimized for object type "exhaust";
    • Operating algorithms were optimized for some technic types;
    • Work continues on fixing errors in the algortihm for location visualization on the local space map level;
    • New object "space nebula" was added in the space background;
    • Shaders were corrected, which are used for sprite visualization by the GPU;
    • Visualization algorithm for GPU usage was added for exhaust's sprites;
    • Work continues on the first official teaser video for the game;
    • New music tracks were created; work continues on voice, sound and music coverage for the teaser video;
    • Work continues on polishing balance, fixing small errors and creating content for the first demo-version of the game to be released to a broad audience;
    • Work continues on filling and polishing the GDD;
    • Tuts+ portal published our article - How (and Why) to Write a Great Game Design Document

      Check Sol-Ark's page on IndieDB website and our blog with devlogs to know more. Join us on Sol-Ark's official website to stay tuned.
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