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Small update with spaceships

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Well, I didn't get much done this week, admittedly.

I really dislike this part of the school semester. I'm not that used to the whole college thing just yet, so it kinda happens out of nowhere. Oh well tongue.png

So what I HAVE gotten done this week is a bunch of codebase-better-ing. You know, getting rid of some of the old lone classes everywhere, starting building some semblance of structure in the codebase.

One problem I had was that, apparently, if you're flying at like 400000m/s and you turn 1 degree, if the speed is applied to the current orientation, then you kind of go flying a very far way away from you're destination. So I started fixing the issue once and for all: thrusters! biggrin.png

[ ms paint with a trackpad mouse = CulDeVinci ]

The thrusters are kinda realistic. They apply a force to the craft, which both pushes the craft forward and also applies some rotational velocity. Sure, all rotational axes have the same moment of inertia. Sure, the world in the background is just an impostor at the far-pane. Sure, I don't really know where to put the thrusters that control roll. Oh well.


Thanks for reading!
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