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Drag and drop

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Good evening, people.

So, this week end, I worked a little bit on the drag and drop feature of my inventory (and my equipment panel). Since the last time, I added the following functionnalities :
- some bugs with the dragging are corrected ;
- droping an item on a stuff slot equip this item to the right place ;
- tooltips are now available into the stuff panel.

And then, I must work on the deleting tool, which is currently begun, but users can only trash items one by one.

If you have some advices on how to make a good GUI, you're welcome to leave a comment ;)

You can follow me on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jygleprojects/posts/1588844304708577, or on my wordpress, here : http://wp.me/p51OE0-2n
Bye !
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Its quite easy to add screenshots to journal entries here, you can just add them to your post and include them inline. It really livens up a journal entry and helps engage readers.

Good luck with your project.

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Thank you for this advice, I'll try to add more pictures in the next entries ! For this one, I thought it would be too redundant, because the screenshot in the last entry already was related to this topic :)

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It's helpful to show the screenshot or link to the previous topic, or at least mention it, coming to this journal for the first time, I had no idea the previous topic would have a screenshot.

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Heh, I've just realised the last five or six entries I've made have no images, just large boxes of code smile.png

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