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Hello !

So, I come back here after some work on the prototyping of the first scene. The last time, I posted an entry to show the work on the inventary system, and this time, it's different.

I wanted to begin the prototyping step, even if it's too soon, because I want to have a concrete basis to work on. Even if it's just one scene, I think I need it to work on the system behing the game. So I made an incomplete version of the first scene, with some basic geometric shapes.

I chose some colors to represent the paramount elements of the future scene. Green is for big objects, red for NPCs, pink for living beings, black for roofs, and blue for windows.

But now, I wonder if I must go further on the prototyping for this scene, or if more details will come with the modelisation phase. Knowing that I'll buy some assets (including objects), I think it's wiser to work on a larger number of scenes, and only after, bring details. But if you have some different advices, you're welcome to let me know it :)

As I'm working on this part, I'm also thinking about which gameplay I'll implement, and how I'll do this. This is still very unclear, but some ideas begin to emerge.

Thanks for taking the time to read me ^_^

(you can see my global progression here, on my wordpress, or on my facebook page)

See you soon !
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