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It's done!

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It took nearly 5 years, $30,000, and most of my sanity, but the game is finally done! Check it out: lemmagame.com

Look for a more in-depth postmortem... soon. It's 6:30am and I haven't slept yet.
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That wall run / creation thing I saw in the trailer is fantastic!

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Awesome work dude! The game looks very cool. I also enjoyed reading your blog posts about all the struggles you faced and overcame.

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Wow guys, thank you!! Definitely would not have made it this far without everyone on this site. :)

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Congrats! I remember seeing the first images of your game when you were just starting... like 4 ... 5 years ago???

Congrats again!

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I'll post more details in the postmortem, but right now, 1550 units sold in just under a week. :) Only one negative review so far. The initial launch brought around 700-800 sales before it slowed down to a trickle. Then jacksepticeye did a video on it over the weekend, which kicked off a bit of a chain reaction.

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