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NLE: Unnamed Engine. Entry #2

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Welcome back! or if you're new to my new blog, please read "The Start...Kind of..." first! smile.png

Now, I'm going to try my best to make Friday, Blog Day, So yay!
[size=2]or at least do this once a week...

Let's cut to the chase and this is what I did all week, programming wise:
[font='courier new']FPSControllerSystem[/font]
Long story short this is what makes controlling something, usually the camera, in an FPS like feel; WASD movement, mouse to look around, Space to jump, Shift+W to run, and C to crouch/crawl. In flying mode (the only mode currently supported) jump and crouch = fly up/down.

This will be the first system in which is purely optional for users of the engine; where as, Rendering is usually needed, and with Rendering, you'll need positions, meshes, and a camera; (well, unless you want to render nothing at 0,0,0) Oh and don't forget Textures! But that is kinda optional, but due to the fact it'll be used a lot, it's not as "optional" as I could've made it. Currently, one cannot have "no" texture on. Will probably "fix" this later.

I also remade the event system...actually the event "system" was ditched, and replaced with a class that is separate from the "system" pattern I'm using. The reason for this is that, well, entities don't really "accept" keys or mouse inputs; they could be made to, but I found it was 10x easier to ditch the "system" pattern this one time.

Another change today was the fact that Systems now can use other systems, right now it's a bit ugly but it's doing it's job. Going to do something to change it later down the road.

Also, each system now has a [font='courier new']Couple()[/font] function which can Couple the needed [font='courier new']ComponentManager<>[/font]s and systems. It may be smart to make the [font='courier new']ComponentManager<>[/font]s to be gobal, or collected in a general class/struct that can just be passed to the systems; and same with the systems, but I'm gonna try to avoid that if possible, as (or so I'm told) globals = bad; and that would probably be an ugly hack which will allow too much access.

To finish this blog entry, I gotta say that the engine is slowly morphing each day smile.png and soon(TM) enough there will be a game running with it.

What game am I planning? Now that's a secret ;)

Next Week:
no clue, Might do lights though...assuming I'm not stuck fixing something stupid!

PS: Any idea's for the name of the engine?
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