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Revel Immortal v24, and general update

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Greetings All!

So, Revel Immortal v24 is now live; only a couple small fixes, hopefully more to come soon.

The reason for the 'light & late' update (our last update was about a month ago); was that I spent two weeks on vacation in Orlando FL, with my lovely wife doing 'absolutely nothing'.

As I've posted previously I like to take about 2 months per year 'off' of edigames to decompress and get some perspective.

This year, I will be taking the majority of the summer 'off' though not completely. Revel will still be getting updates and there are a few other projects that need my attention; such as getting our technology ready to allow HTML5 games to run via Steam.

Past years' data reflects that I don't get much done during the summer months, even if I try 'really, really hard'. So instead of that being a continued fact, and then taking additional time off during my normally productive season (usually fall) I will be fully set to start in the fall.

There is lots to be done, and lots of great potential, so we'll see how the coming weeks unfold; I'll do my best to keep updates regular.

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