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NLE: Unnamed Engine. Entry #3: Better late than never

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I took this week studying a few things. Unfortunately that means that not much has been done; in fact I could paste what I've done here, if it wasn't in 10 different files!
So, what have I been studying? Well, a few things really, each with their own link of goodies!
First off, I found this wonderful "walkthrough" of the graphics pipeline, here. Pretty good if you want a "low-level" of understanding of the graphics pipeline. Take note that this isn't very low-level, not as low-level as hardware, which is most of what this guy is talking about. I'm still not finished it yet, but will sooner or later smile.png

Next, I've been looking at some OpenGL stuffs, something a little more ahead of myself, do I really need to link you to the OpenGL wiki? I'm sticking with OpenGL 3.2 for this engine, as my mac only supports that, also, 3.2 is all I need for now. I'm just learning a few new tricks here and there, nothing too important to talk about.

And finally I've also been looking up some other physics-y math stuff in a wonderful book, unfortunately I can't link the book to you, so here's the name: Real Time Collision Detection, David H. Eberly. A quick google search should lead you to it. There's probably countless pdf's of it, but I won't be endorsing them tongue.png

Also, for future programmers, new programmers, and for a reminder to all.
When you make a class/template/function/etc in a programming language, if at all possible, FINISH IT. Reasons:
1) When you go back to your code, and you expect X to work X will work!
2) if someone maintains your code, s/he won't want to murder you for unfinished functionality. and
3) It's a good habit to get into. It'll also save lives...maybe...or at least a few headaches!

Tomorrow I have a busy day smile.png fixing stuff that should've been fixed months ago... dry.png

If (programming) things go well a few weeks from now, screenshots will be coming! Hopefully


Until Next time!
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