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Progression on prototype, and some gameplay.

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Hello !

So, since the last time, I worked a lot on the prototyping. Not very interesting to detail again, and I already talked a lot about this in the previous entries.
Now, I'm going to speak about the reflection I had on the gameplay. I think this part is very important, but very complicated to set up. So, I have to find an good settlement between an interesting gameplay, but not to tricky to implement. At the moment, nothing is implemented, and all the following point are only on some papers.

  • General system. I oriented the gameplay toward something with a fury bar to fill and spend.
  • Skill tree. I worked on a simple skill tree. The skills will surely be more numerous over time.
  • Lvl up system. I'm currently working on this part to have balanced combats and interesting bosses.

    Here are the points I'm going to deal with dureing the next days :

    • Monsters, ennemies. This join the previous point on the lvl up system. I have to think about some balanced monsters, but which offers enough challenge.
    • File structure to store level information. As for all the data, the level information needs to be stored in some files.
    • Specify the history progression. I already have the main story line, but I must specify all the actions and dialogs, quests and others. It will require a great amount of time ans work, but it's also a very exiting part !

      With that, I wish you a good day !

      (you can follow me on my wordpress, or on my facebook page ! smile.png )
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