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Update 6/3/15

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Greetings All,

Time for an update!

As I said in an earlier post I am technically 'off' from EDIGames until autumn rolls around.

...that being said, this is sure some busy time-off.

In addition to the usual necessities of life, I've been doing a bit of work finishing up my new office space; drywall, tape and mud; that sort of thing.

I'm very excited as this will hopefully be my first space where I set up a semblance of... culture; with a bookcase or two displaying some of my favorite reference; and maybe a case to display our magazine article and first copy Morning's Wrath.

Nesting aside a good bit of technical work has been under way.

We have a new, but still a bit WiP website at http://edigames.com

Still keeping with the one-page site for simplicity, this one is based on a template however that is better for mobile devices and wont be penalized by the new google indexing criteria.

We're still working (currently in testing) on the steam release of Morning's Wrath; again with StrategyFirst

I'm pretty excited about this release (designated 1.4 at the moment) because we chopped the entire antiquated back-end (D3D8, DSound, etc.) and the Win32API in exchange for SDL2.

This means we're seeing a big performance increase with their much better sprite batching system; and not having to support a lot of bygone video hardware that can only do 256x256 textures.

Another big improvement is support for widescreen displays.

Revel Immortal has gotten a bit more content; and we are working down the bug list; currently for technical features.

We're overdue on a release, but I'd like to make sure this next one is a bit more worthwhile.

We've created a proof of concept for getting our HTML5 based games (Revel, and the foreseeable future) on Steam; and so far it has passed muster with our Steam rep. we'll have to see what further testing proves.

I've been investigating three.js a bit as part of two new projects that will hopefully be announced in Autumn; longer term goals but pretty exciting prospects.

Well I think that is all for now, keep an eye out for new content soon!

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