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Fluffy Friday #3: Burning brambles

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[color=#333333][font='Trebuchet MS']Bite sized news for small stuff. Today: Burning brambles.[/font][/color]

[color=#333333][font='Trebuchet MS']

Welcome to another installment of our fluffy sweetness. If you missed our Critters gifs last week you can check them

[/font][/color]here[color=#333333][font='Trebuchet MS']



Fluffy Friday #3

Ok! To recap, we had a world quite pleasant to walk in, decent levels and dungeons, epileptic Critters... and a girl riding a giant fox fighting against monsters and corrupted nature. Fighting how? With words. I mean MAGIC FIRE WORDS!


So, here's the fire animation, shown in our previous paper on art direction, in action. Yes, we know, burning the forest is bad but these brambles were evil, very very evil.



Imagine you're hanging around with your fox and brambles block the road: burn them! There are monsters on your way outfrom the dungeon: burn them! There are cute critters... wait... stop. May I draw your attention on the fine and not final spell forging animation before the girl sets the world on fire?

Hope you felt the magic. See you next week for another incredible Fluffy Friday!

Have a great weekend.

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