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Character's carac, and some gameplay progression.

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Hello !

So, the last time, I spoke about my progression on prototyping. I said the next task to work on was the gameplay. And I began to think on it. The difficulty is that, there is a vast quantity of things ti implement, when it comes to the gamepay. So it took me some time to see where to go first.
But, a few scribblings later, I began to code (AT LEAST !), and I made some progression on the Graphical User Interface, which now displays :
- The skill tree ;
- A skill bar ;
- A life bar and a rage bar ;
- A panel showing the characteristics.

This is not a big step, but the main task is the working principle. I would like to implement the fighting system, but first, I must get some animations and put the RPG mecanims in place. These are the main areas of work for the next weeks, and I think it represent a great amount of improvements and functionnalities.

Talking about animations, do you guys know where to get some nice and inexpensive animations ? I thought about Mixamo, but if you had some alternatives, I'd gladly hear it.

See you !

(You can follow me on my facebook page, here, or see all my projects, and details on this game on my wordpress.)
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