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NLE: Unnamed Engine. Entry #6: A week has gone by? really?

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Well...I'll be honest...
Not much has been done...
programming wise that is.

Been mostly playing around with ideas trying to figure out a few misc things, all of which I cannot say cause, well, don't wanna promise something unless it's official!
I did change up the lighting a bit though, I now have the normals transform properly when something is rotated and/or scaled, and adjusted the light to have a strength value so it'll spread x distance before dying off completely, this allows for some more realistic lighting.

I am playing with some AI ideas though, and I've created a little character in which I'll need to 3D model and place him in later :)
Things are happening!!
I'll be continuing my AI research though, so don't expect too much done next week either.

I did promise I'd do this every week so I will!!

Have fun!
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