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Ranged potion throwing

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Now, I am 2 days behind schedule, but throwing potions works mostly. The idea was that if you threw a potion at a monster, it would explode and apply the potion effect to all monsters inside the radius. Yesterday, I had it working that you could hit a monster using a potion, and the effect would be applied, today I have the explosion effect. I ran into a bug where it would fill the entire level with the explosion effect. It turned out I was editing the list of starting positions while I was adding more objects to it, causing the list to expand infinitively until it ran out of room.

Next up I want to redo the way monster types are stored, using separate XML files. Since I really want monsters to have unique attacks instead of a one-dimentional difficulty, a large percentage of monsters will be mirrored in a class in the code, with the XML containing metadata (spawn frequency, starting items, skills/stats, drops, etc. ) In the code, I will need to have a way for the XML to specify what class this object uses, resulting in still having a long list of functions to spawn different classes. I still hope that the new system will still be a improvement in usability, and it provides a easy entry point for plug ins that don't really need new code. If anybody has any suggestions or better ideas how to do this, you probably know more about this then I do.

This is my explosion image:
this effect contains 3600 particles!

Please comment if you have any suggestions or comments!
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